And, the journey begins….

Today marks the beginning of what will most likely be one of our family’s biggest adventures. After much discussion, thought and most of all, prayer, Brad and I and our girls received word today that our preliminary application to adopt a child from Haiti has been accepted. Today’s news is just the very tip of the adoption iceberg. No doubt our journey will be full of twists, turns, surprises, thrills, disappointments and joys. We are so excited to learn what God has in store for our family and we are elated that He has surrounded us with so many wonderful and Godly friends and family members who we know will partner with us in prayer as we work towards bringing a new, little Costain home sometime within the next couple years!


2 thoughts on “And, the journey begins….

  1. Congratulations and many blessings! What an incredible journey you’re all embarking on. It is quite a miracle when God places this desire in your heart. My prayers will be with you during this exciting time.
    Devoted in Him,

  2. Wow! May the Lord richly bless your caring hearts!! You about knocked me off my chair! A boy in the family!! And the way you two love children, it’ll be a win-win situation. No doubt the little fella is an orphan due to the toll the violent weather took on those poor people down there. Do you have a child identified yet? If so, how old is he? Oops! Better go to the blog for more info!

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