When God says, “No” and then says, “However”…

We found out today, through our first discussion with a representative of the adoption agency, that we do not meet the qualifications to adopt from Haiti. The Haitian government requires that adoptive parents have no more than two biological children living in the home and that at least one parent is 35 years old or older. This news did not come as a surprise, as we’ve done enough research to know what to expect. We did, though wonder if we’d qualify for an exception based on information that we’d gathered from experienced adoptive parents. Laws have changed since our friends’ adoption and Haiti is no longer offering any kind of exceptions.

Knowing myself as well as I think I do, I expected to feel that a door was being slammed in my face. I thought I’d feel my heart crack right down the middle as I fought to hold back the hot, stinging tears of disappointment that I tend to feel when things don’t pan out the way I want them to.

Instead, it felt more like God  said “No” and gently clicked the door to Haiti shut just as He said “However” and creaked open the door to Ethiopia. When we filled out our initial application, we were asked to check the boxes of the countries whose adoption programs we were interested in learning more about. Nearly simultaneously, Brad and I agreed that if Haiti was out of the question, we were very interested in knowing more about the possibility of adopting an Ethiopian child.

And now, after a 45 minute conversation with the adoption agency, my head is spinning with all the information I was just given. Is the boy who will call me “Mama” in Ethiopia right now? Is he even born yet? I don’t have a foggy clue. However, I’m really looking forward to finding out.


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