Blogger’s Block

I’ve written and deleted about a zillion posts tonight. That’s a lie of course, but it sure feels that way… Apparently, I have writer’s block. Or, is the more appropriate term “Blogger’s Block”? Either way, the words just aren’t coming out right. So, I’m going to head to bed and pray that I wake up in the morning with some clarity as to what God would have me share with y’all.

In the meantime, since many of you have asked us about the “next step”, I will tell you that Brad and I have a conference call with the agency representative on Wednesday. Initially, the purpose of the call was to give us the opportunity to learn more about the Ethiopia program. You may remember my post from earlier this week and recall that, especially since there have been some new developments in Haiti, we have chosen to continue to pray about and pursue the adoption of a Haitian child:

Lord, I Love Your Sense of Humor.

I wonder how caught off-guard the poor lady at the adoption agency will feel when we let her in on this little tidbit of information. Hmmm…. Should be a good time…

It’s bedtime. I’m delirious…


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