New News is Good News?

Brad and I received the following email today from one of the agency’s that we’ve been researching regarding the status of Haiti’s current adoption laws:

Shellie and Brad,


Hello! You are correct that Haiti is currently granting presidential dispensations for families with up to four biological children. However, at this time they are not budging on the age criteria. Haiti is still insisting that at least one parent be 35 years old.


There a couple of things that you can do. The first thing would be to periodically check the “Latest News” section on our Haiti website. The new president of Haiti will be appointing a new director to IBESR, which is the Haitian entity that determines adoption laws. There is a possibility that this new director will change the requirements for adopting from Haiti, including lowering the age requirement. If any changes occur I will post them on our website.


The second thing you could do would be to apply to our program about a year from now. This would give you four or five months to get your home study and dossier completed and then we could send your dossier to Haiti the day that you turn 35. Unfortunately we cannot submit a dossier to IBESR if at least one of the parents is not 35.

Is it possible to be encouraged and discouraged simultaneously? Brad and I are wondering if this is God’s way of giving us an extra year to continue to improve our financial situation. That’s a good thing, right?

We got to laughing pretty hard tonight as we thought back to the early years of marriage and parenthood when our master plan included being done having children by the time I was 25. God’s awesome sense of humor comes to mind again on this one, yes? I gave birth to our youngest daughter just shy of a month before my 26th birthday. Mission accomplished. Or, not. Now, it seems that I’ll have to set a goal of “done having children by the time I’m……” 38ish? Too funny, Lord. Too funny… 


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