Cleaning Out the Basement

Today was a great one. Brad and I and the kids woke up a little later than we had planned and managed to get ready for church in record time. Being back at church, among people who support and love us and who we love so dearly in return, was just the medicine I needed to heal my discouraged heart. I spent a good portion of the service with a tissue in my hand, dabbing away tears. The sermon was especially poignant, due to some challenging circumstances that a sweet friend of mine is going through right now. As much as my heart breaks for her, it was good to shift the focus from our financial needs for the adoption to someone whose hurts and needs extend far beyond our own.

After church, we came home and began what will prove to be a very long week of cleaning and organizing to get ready for our fundraising garage sale this coming weekend. Brad began detailing our ’99 Ford Expedition, in hopes of selling it quickly. If we’re able to sell it for what it’s worth, we should be able to scrape together the funds needed to complete our home study and even pay a large portion of our first agency fee. I continue to make the effort to remind myself that this journey we’re on is not a sprint but, rather, a marathon. I’m a product of our fast food society and I want everything done in a very timely manner (like, yesterday maybe?).

That reminds me of the lyrics of an Amy Grant song called “Overnight” that the girls and I really like:

 So you’ve handed in your resignation, Contemplating why nothing turns out right

A little fed up with all the disappointment, So what’s the point in wasting any time?

It’s only temporary. So what’s your hurry? No need to worry. Don’t you know that?

If it all just happened overnight, You wouldn’t know how much it means

If it all just happened overnight, You would never learn to believe in what you cannot see

I feel like my pace is at a standstill, Do I wait until it falls into my hands?

A long highway ahead getting started, Steady hearted is what I think I am

There’s something to be said for experience, Who knows what’s ahead? Keep on going

I’m laughing a little as I type this because Brad really does not enjoy Amy Grant’s music. But, he tolerates it for his girls. What a nice guy…

Corny or not, it’s true. I know that growth (at least the spiritual kind) doesn’t often happen overnight. By God’s perfect design, it is a process.

2 Peter 3:18 “Rather, you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus                                Christ.”


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