Mercy. Is. Awesome.

God continued to pour out His blessings on us today… And, I’m embarrassed and so completely aware that I’ve done nothing to deserve them, especially after yesterday’s pity party. Thank God for that endless mercy, huh?

My sweet daughters and I were able to spend a large part of the day with my heaven sent mama and got to have lunch with our long time friend, Amber (and, by “long time” I mean that I’ve known her since she was born…) and her super cute boys.

And, tonight, Brad and the girls and I went to a Bible study at our neighbors’ (and new friends!) house. We feel so fortunate to have moved into a neighborhood where we are surrounded on all sides by such wonderful and Godly people. The girls have made great friends with many of the kids on the block and are having a blast this summer, spending hours on end playing and just being kids.

My day ended with some pretty humbling and also really great news. After learning yesterday from a (seriously condescending) woman from one of the home study agencies that their services would cost over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS, I was feeling really discouraged. We thought we were estimating high when we figured $2,000 would cover it. Oops…

Today, finally, the information packet we’d been waiting on all week arrived. And, that’s not the good news. I got a call from yet another agency and almost instantly felt a peace come over me. There is no doubt that I was talking to the person that we very much want to work with. Although their fees are considerably less than $4,000 they are still more than we had originally expected. I feel certain though that God directed us to the right place and we’re really excited to complete the paperwork and send it in with a big, fat check on Monday morning.

I’m convinced that this process builds character… It has to, right?




One thought on “Mercy. Is. Awesome.

  1. I just read through all of your postings, Shellie, and am glad I did. The continuity they provide is so much better than getting sporadic news — a great idea it was to stay connected in this way.

    Steve’s car is a real beauty; I’m sure the ad will get a lot of interest!

    The comments about the home study agencies stumped me (what are they?). There’s probably an explanatory article/page about them somewhere, but I didn’t see it. Can you fill me in?

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