And Then There Were Four

Several people lately have asked Brad and I how our daughters feel about the adoption. Thankfully, they’re all at the ages that they are crazy about little kids. They refer to their little brother by name often (yes, we’ve chosen a name and yes, we’ll be keeping it to ourselves at least until we receive a referral… ). They’ve written stories about the adoption, researched the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC (is this the first time we’re publicly announcing the country we’re adopting from? Yes, I believe it is…), spent countless hours discussing who will get which bedroom, offered change from their piggy bank to add to the adoption fund and, mostly they’ve prayed at every prayer time for the next, little Costain, whoever and wherever he (or she – guess we’ll have to rethink the name we chose, huh?) is. So, the short answer is yes, the girls are on board and just as excited to see what God has for our family as Brad and I are.

It still cracks me up when I think that there was a time when Brad and I believed our family was complete after our first two daughters. We had no intention of having any more children after Gin was born in May of 2000 and  Avery was born in August of 2001. God, in His infinite wisdom and with His awesome sense of humor, had Sydney in mind for us. She was the surprise I didn’t know I wanted. And, now I cannot fathom how incomplete our family would be without her.

How much more complete, then will our family be with it’s newest little member? I, for one can’t wait too see…


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