Here Comes the Rain

I used to hate the rain.

In nearly every cartoon I can recall from my childhood, there is a character with his own, personal raincloud that represents his particularly bad day or depressed mood. Occasionally, the cloud would burst and rain down on him and, once in a while, he’d even be struck by lightning. Naturally, I found it hard to muster up any kind of positive affection for gloomy, rainy days like this one.

That all changed when I fell in love with Brad. He loves the rain. He loves to sit on the deck and watch the thunderstorms roll in. He doesn’t have the fear of lightning that I do and the sound of thunder doesn’t make him want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over his head. If he didn’t have a wife and family who forbid it, he’d be a storm chasing meteorologist.

Because of his zeal for all things weather, I’ve grown to love the rain and appreciate a particularly exciting weather day. In fact, our youngest daughter’s middle name is Rayne, which we chose because of our (now) mutual affection for it.

There’s a song on one of my very favorite albums, My Utmost for His Highest, that Steven Curtis Chapman sings. It’s a beautiful song and the lyrics seem apropos on a day like this one.

These are the places I was so sure I’d find Him
I’ve looked in the pages
And I’ve looked down on my knees
I’ve lifted my eyes in expectation
To see the sun still refusing to shine, but…

Sometimes He comes in the clouds
Sometimes His face cannot be found
Sometimes the sky is dark and grey
But some things can only be known
And sometimes He comes in the clouds

Sometimes I see me, a sailor out on the ocean
So brave and so sure as long as the skies are clear
But when the clouds start to gather
I watch my faith turn to fear, but…

Sometimes He comes in the rain
And we question the pain
And wonder why God can seem so far away
But time will show us
He was right there with us…

It reminds me that God is in everything. He is present for the times that bring us joy and the times when we seem to have our own personal raincloud following us around, sending down strikes of lightning.

God has a purpose for the rainclouds in our life, just as He does for the actual rain.

Genesis 27:28 “From the dew of heaven
      and the richness of the earth,
   may God always give you abundant harvests of grain
      and bountiful new wine.”


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