$2,350 Down; $22,650(ish) To Go!

Our first “big” check ($2,350) cleared today and we’ve officially begun the home study process! Our social worker’s name is Matt.

For some reason, when I imagined our social worker, I imagined a perky, petite, dark haired gal with a touch of a Southern accent. I’m guessing I won’t describe Matt in those terms once we meet him face to face.

Or, maybe I will.

Either way, I’m really excited to meet him. I’m anxious for what I understand to be an incredible invasion of privacy. 😉

Once the home study is complete and approved, we’ll move on to the next step with the adoption agency and be on our way to getting our referral. I wonder what that day will be like…

Before we’re able to take the next step with the agency, we’ll need to come up with the next “big” check ($3,200). Too bad checks only clear if there’s cash in the bank to back them up. Hmmm….

The Lord has been amazing in providing for us thus far, and I trust that He’ll continue to do so. As our Pastor so eloquently told us, “It’s apparent that God is in this thing with you guys.”

I was able to clean a house today for a family friend who generously offered to donate monthly in return for monthly house cleaning (and a pedicure too! yay!) and I’ve got two more cleaning jobs scheduled within the next two weeks. Enrollment for the first coupon class is slowly but steadily increasing (Have you registered yet? No?! Do that HERE.) and donations are trickling in for the upcoming garage sale fundraiser.

I emptied our piggy bank and hauled four large Ziploc bags of change into the bank this morning and walked out having made a $376. 35 deposit. How cool is that?!

I’m still amazed at the difference in my math and God’s math. I try to figure out how we manage to pay all of our bills on time and are still able to set aside adoption fund money. When I run the numbers, it just doesn’t add up. And, yet it all falls into place.

Later this week, Brad and I will be listing the Expedition on Craigslist and pray that it will sell quickly. If and when it does, we’ll have enough in the bank to write that big, fat check to the adoption agency before we move on to the next really big, fat check ($8,500) as well as lots of “little” ones. It’s all relative, right?

We still need your help, friends. First and foremost, we would love to know that you’re still praying along with us. I especially need the support of friends and family while we’re on this crazy ride. Brad doesn’t need the warm fuzzies like I do (must be a guy thing, huh?). 😉

And, as uncomfortable as it is to mention, we continue to ask you to prayerfully consider making a one time or continuing donation to help us bring our sweet boy home from Africa. And, we don’t even want you to hand over moolah for nothing! (That’s clearly not true – we’re totally fine with that… *ahem*) Seriously, though – I’d love to work for your donation. Need something cleaned or organized? I’m your girl… Want to save lots and lots and lots of money on groceries? Yep – me again… I’ll even wash your dog or feed your turtle or – you get the point.

This dream of ours is going to happen, but we can’t and have no desire to do it on our own. We’re counting on your prayer support, emotional and spiritual support and financial support to carry out God’s will for our family and to put the following verse into action:

James 1:27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

I’ve said it many times and will continue to tell you all how truly humbled and grateful we are to all of you who’ve kept up with us here on the blog, referred my work to friends, registered and told others about the coupon class, donated, prayed, introduced me to freelance writing opportunities and loved and encouraged Brad and I and our daughters. Not a day goes by that we aren’t in awe of God’s presence in our lives through you.

Our sincere prayer is that our family will be a blessing to you as you’ve been a blessing to us.


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