Feelin’ Like a Chicken (the kind with their head cut off)

I’ve meant to write – really, I have. Here’s the thing – I’ve been a very busy woman.

My days are filled with things I love: hanging with 3 of the sweetest little girls on the planet, helping friends, preparing my cookbook, planning my coupon class syllabus (sounds official, yes?), writing thank you cards (I have a lot to be thankful for) and working hard to get all of the paperwork together so that our home study can begin within the next two weeks.

It feels great to be so busy, especially because there was a time not  long ago that I had so little energy as a result of Celiac symptoms and anemia. I feel healthier and younger now than I have for a few years – That’s a good thing, considering it’s been a while since I’ve had to keep up with a toddler, but I’m up for the challenge!

On Friday, I’ll spend the day doing a rental move-out cleaning, which should help us pay for physicals for the 5 of us and fingerprinting and background checks for Brad and I. I’ll spend the weekend completing cookbooks and the coupon class materials for a private class I’ll be teaching for a friend and her Bible study group on Monday.

Donations continue to trickle in for the upcoming garage sale (we’re planning for the weekend of July 9th) and monetary donations have been made by near strangers as well as by dear friends who’ve given even though I know they can’t really “afford” it. (You know who you are… 😉 )

I’ve never been in a position where I’ve had to do any kind of fundraising. It’s much harder than I’d imagined! I made a comment recently on Facebook that I have more empathy now for my Missionary friends than ever before. And, it’s made me much more aware of what our family chooses to give, whether in tithes to our church or donations to others who are in need.

Brad and I have some other fundraising ideas in the works and have considered what we would do if we were to raise funds above and beyond what we need to complete our adoption. Initially, we thought that we’d donate to the orphanage where our child will come from, but God’s has led us in a different direction.

We have a few friends who are also considering adoption and, if they choose to go forward we would love to help them financially on their journeys! I just find it tragic that money, of all things is the main factor in preventing more families from adopting. If we could help alleviate the financial burden for another family, we would be so thrilled!

This experience for us is about so much more than just our family. Since we began our research, we’ve learned so much about orphans from all around the world and the need is far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Whether you intentionally came to this blog or happened upon it after a curiosity Google search, you’re here by no accident. Perhaps God is leading you to support adoption, whether it’s ours, someone else’s or maybe even yours!

I’d love to hear your stories if this is a journey you’re ready to embark upon. And, I promise – I’ll be your biggest fan…




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