Notaries Need Friends Too

I have a feeling we’ll need to make friends with someone who is a notary.

I opened an email from Lynne, our contact at the home study agency, to discover that she’s mailing back five documents that should have been notarized before we mailed them in. Oops… I may have jumped the gun just a little without reading as thoroughly as I should have. Lesson learned.

So, anybody out there a Notary who happens to need a really great friend? Anyone? 😉

Aside from needing lots of things notarized, we’ve been busy scheduling physicals, ordering birth certificates, printing tax returns and employment verifications, assembling cookbooks and doing a whole lot of other “stuff” to get us to the next step.

Last night I had the pleasure of teaching my first coupon class at my friend, Lynn’s house for her Bible study group. It was very casual and the ladies were great to very graciously agree to be my guinea pigs. Thankfully, I’m now experiencing far less anxiety about the more formal and first publicly offered class that’s coming up this Saturday. Thanks, Lynn for your support. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m going to do an estimate for another rental move out cleaning. It’s hard work, but I enjoy being able to work in exchange for donations. Asking for money in return for nothing but eternal appreciation is physically painful for me. So, just to remind you (ha!), I hope you’ll pass my information on to anyone who would like to help us get our boy home in exchange for a good cleanin’.

Or, if you can’t make the July 2nd coupon class or if you’re interested in hosting a class in your home with some of your gal-pals I’d love to teach you how I save our family lots and lots of money on groceries.

And, finally, the costainpartyofsix cookbook, Budget Friendly Recipes is officially for sale! It’s full of really great, easy and inexpensive recipes from friends and family, as well as from my own stash of favorites. The books are $12.50 each or $10.00 each if you host a coupon class. Send me an email at to place an order or to book a class.

In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support both in prayer and with your generous giving to our family. We continue to be humbled every day by His provisions through you.

1 Chronicles 16:8 “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness.
Let the whole world know what he has done.”




2 thoughts on “Notaries Need Friends Too

  1. We belong to a credit union and had some things notarized (long ago) for FREEEEEEE! Not sure if something like that would work for you. Also, you might be getting a call from a friend Heather for house cleaning. Just wanted to pass that on, just in case…

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