No Mug Shots in Our Past…

Today, we received our fingerprint cards from the home study agency and a couple things that I’m really thankful for came to mind:

1. As much as I thought it would be fun and interesting to have lived in many different states, I’m really glad to have only ever lived in Colorado (with the nearly forgettable exception of my birth and short stint in New Mexico). We’re required to obtain criminal background checks from every state we’ve lived in as adults. From what I’ve heard, Colorado moves at a fairly reasonable pace in returning background checks, whereas other states don’t so much.

2. I’m really thankful that, although I’ve made a countless number of mistakes and poor choices in my life, none of them have been illegal. Go, me!

So, aside from waiting, waiting and more waiting, that’s what’s happening on the adoption front. We’ll begin sending in fingerprint cards and requests for background checks along with checks for $30 here, $75 there and so on.

We received the documents that we neglected to have notarized back in the mail today and think we may take the advice of some friends who paid to have a Notary friend’s license renewed in exchange for her notary services. A friend at church mentioned today that she’d like to become a notary, not knowing that we’ll need one often for the next couple years. We’re thinking that perhaps we could help each other out. Pretty cool, yeah?

In other exciting news, we’ve received several calls since yesterday from people who are interested in purchasing our Expedition. Once it sells we’ll be able to send a big, fat check off to the adoption agency to really get the ball rolling with them. Now, THAT’S good stuff.

God has given me lots of  little (translation: HUGE!) blessings this week. Last night, Brad and I went to my Uncle’s and Aunt’s house to have dinner with them and their 4 kids to exchange adoption stories. They have 3 bio kiddos, 1 little daughter who they adopted from China and two more sons who they hope to bring home from China this winter. It was really great to spend time with their family and discuss our newest common bond.

Today, I ran into a few of my friends from the kids’ school at Chic Fil A, which always does my heart good and I got to spend a little time with my girls and my folks as well.

And, now I’m sitting here, typing away while the sweetest little guinea pig is taking a snooze and laying in my lap. The girls are doing chores and we’re getting ready to head to the school gym to play some volleyball with a couple of the girls that I coach.

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”



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