It’s A Love/Hate Relationship

I love garage sales. They bring back fond memories of early Saturday mornings spent with my mom and grandmother, digging through other people’s junk in the hopes of finding a new treasure.

My mom often tells the story of my grandmother spotting a sale and wandering into someone’s garage and looking through their things, only to discover that they were not, in fact having a garage sale after all. Yes, she was that dedicated.

As much as I love to shop at garage sales, I really kind of hate having sales of my own. They are a ton of work and there’s no good way to tell how lucrative they may or may not be.

However, just as I do when I’m cleaning houses, I will continue to remind myself as I’m setting up this week that this is all for the love of Ty. Whoever and wherever he is right now, he is so worth every tiny bit of effort we put forth to bring him home to our family.

If you’re even a little bit excited about meeting our boy and you have some junk, errrr treasures you are ready to let go of and you’d like to donate them to our sale, please contact me by phone or email at and we’ll make arrangements to pick it up. And, if you want to come shop, we’ll be starting our sale at 9 a.m. this Friday July 8th. See you there!


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