Another $3,200 Down; $19,450(ish) To Go!

We wrote a check for $3,200 today and shoved it in the mail to our adoption agency, along with several signed documents to get the ball rolling on their end.

I cannot believe how much paperwork is required for this process. I’m a fairly organized person and can’t imagine ever managing this process without those skills. I’m thankful that I’m doing well so far and pray that God continues to lift me up upon His shoulders so that my head will remain just above the waters’ surface.

The next (giant) check ($8,500) to be written is looming over our heads and, while it feels like we’ll have a long while before it’s due, I know that it’ll be here in a flash. We’ve run out of things to sell and I can’t even imagine how we’re going to come up with the funds. I’m so excited, though to see how God’s going to provide. And, I know He will.

In the meantime, Brad will continue to work his fingers to the bone as he has his entire life to provide so well for his family and I’ll continue to clean houses, teach coupon classes, hold sales and do any and everything else I can think of to get my baby home.

I’m so happy…


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