Humbled Over and Over – All.Day.Long.

Today. Was. Incredible.

It began as usual, when I sprang from my bed with a song in my heart and a skip in my step as I imagined all the great things the day might entail.

And, now… The truth.

I woke up feeling tired, a little grumpy and feeling pretty anxious about all the things I hadn’t accomplished from my never ending to-do list this week. I planned on making a quick trip to the grocery store to work my weekly coupon magic and restock my nearly empty pantry in an attempt to stop the kids from complaining about the lack of food around here.

My day didn’t even come close to proceeding as planned and I couldn’t be happier about it. One of my most treasured friends called today to order 10 (yep – TEN) cookbooks. I’m so humbled and grateful for her friendship (and, not just because of her cookbook order 😉 ).

Shortly after I left my friend’s house, I got a call from another friend who told me that her neighbors wanted to donate some items to the garage sale that we’re having this weekend. I spent the last couple weeks worrying that we wouldn’t have enough items to even have a garage sale. Me and my lack of faith… I wish you could see our garage right now. We can barely maneuver around the mound of items that we’ve received from generous family, friends and perfect strangers. Again and still, I’m humbled.

Throughout the day, several of our friends and several of their friends contacted me to order cookbooks. By 6:00 this evening, the existing books were sold out. I initially put together 25 books and knew that I would be over the moon thrilled to sell that many. Tonight, I placed an order for 50 more. Believe me,…

In addition to the awesome cookbook sales, Brad and I made friends with the super nice and helpful Notary at our credit union who said he would happily notarize all our documents throughout the entire adoption process. I wanted to hug him but it just didn’t seem appropriate.

We left the bank at 4:10 and headed downtown to the police station to have our fingerprints taken for the home study. We were feeling pretty confident when we signed in at 4:40 and took a seat in the lobby area that we would be in and out by 5:00. We were so wrong.

Nearly two hours into our wait, we had witnessed a wide variety of “situations” that made us feel really thankful for the lives we lead. We are blessed people to have been waiting in that lobby to be fingerprinted so that we can adopt our boy. The same can’t be said for the larger percentage of our fellow citizens in that room tonight.

When we left the police station, we drove to be with a friend who was having a particularly crummy day. We feel blessed that God is leading and using us to minister to friends who are experiencing some of the same struggles that we faced such a short time ago. I prayed that He would speak through us and that my words would be His words as I attempted to counsel our friend. And, I believe He did.

We came home to discover a message from yet another friend who is looking into the possibility of helping out with airfare by way of frequent flier miles. Humbled, yet again.

Altogether, it was a really great day. I’m learning so much that it’s tough to wrap my little mind around it all.

I can’t wait to see what God has for us tomorrow, even if I don’t leap out of bed and sing my way through the early morning hours…


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