The Movie of Our Life

In the midst of our ongoing quest to find any and everything in our house that we can sell on Craigslist to raise adoption money, Brad and I came across a box containing our old video camera and a handful of tapes of the girls.

Tonight, Ginna made dessert for everyone and we all sat down to watch the tapes together while we ate. It is absolutely surreal watching Avery’s birth video and to reconcile the fact that the babies on the screen and the (almost) 10 year old little girls sitting next to me are the same people. I cannot believe how quickly the years have flown by.

Aside from the reminiscing  and the regret over some poor fashion choices and a really bad haircut, I learned something new tonight. At one point in the video, as I’m sitting on the edge of my hospital bed and the Anesthesiologist is administering the beloved epidural, I hear myself say, “If we have any more kids, it’ll be by adoption.” Wow. Clearly, that wasn’t entirely true seeing as we went on to have Sydney just 23 months later, but the seed was planted then and I didn’t even realize it until just tonight.

In another portion of the video, Brad and his brother are playing with a 6 month old Ginna at my precious In-Laws house and we hear Brad’s mom’s voice from the kitchen calling out to ask who wants Cool Whip on their pie. It was so significant because we haven’t heard her voice in over 4 years now. She went to be with the Lord on Valentine’s Day in 2007. We miss her so much and I know that she would be so thrilled to have met our nieces and our little Ty.

We stayed glued to the TV until our eyes were on fire and we could hardly stay awake before we finally forced ourselves to turn it off and head to bed. I have a feeling that I’ll be dreaming some pretty sweet dreams tonight.


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