Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The girls and I planned on spending yesterday at the pool. Instead, we were stuck inside waiting for two UPS packages containing certified copies of my birth certificate and Brad’s and my marriage certificate to arrive at our door.

The envelopes arrived around 2:30 and we promptly headed for the post office to have my picture taken and to fill out the paperwork to get my passport processed. A short time and $150.00 later, we were heading east towards home.

When we got home I finished stuffing a large, manila envelope with financial documents, personal questionnaires, reference letters and other legal documents to be sent off to the home study agency. We’re finally ready to begin…

It already feels like a very long time since we started this process. In reality, it’s only been a couple months since we made our announcement and we’ve been able to gather most of the documentation we’ll need for both the home study and our dossier.

For those of you who have heard about international adoption or experienced it yourself, you know how incredibly difficult dossier preparation can be. We are very, very fortunate that Congo’s dossier requirements are so simplistic. We’ll only need to gather about 8 different documents that will be translated into French and sent to DRC.

As soon as our dossier is accepted, we’ll be put on the wait list for a referral!

Can’t. Wait.

As soon as we receive and accept our referral (which is estimated at anywhere between 0 and 12 months after dossier submission), we’ll owe the biggest chunk of cash-o-la to the agency – $9,500.00. While we would be over-the-moon-excited to receive a referral closer to the zero than the twelve month mark, we’ll probably need a little of that time to scrape together that amount of money.

So, that’s the latest… We’re still praying and working and working and praying that funds continue to come in and we know that they will. Just today, I opened a piece of mail from one of our favorite couples from church and discovered a check for $100.00. We continue to be amazed by the generosity that surrounds us. What a gift…

And, just a reminder – as if I haven’t mentioned it quite enough lately, I’m available for cleaning, coupon classes and/or anything else you might need done in exchange for a donation. Get in touch with me by email at 😉


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