One Week From Today

Exactly one week from right now, we’ll be (im)patiently waiting for our social worker to arrive for our first of three home study visits.

I’m really nervous. Why? I don’t know, really. But, I hear that it’s normal to be nervous. After all, a perfect stranger is coming into our home to evaluate our abilities as parents. In an age where “mom-guilt” is so very prevalent, I can’t help but wonder if I measure up.

I know we’ll get through it just fine, just as many adoptive families have before us. And, before we know it, it’ll be over and we’ll move on to compiling all the documents required by Congo for our dossier.

And, then…. We wait. And work and work and work to raise a grip o’ cash in anticipation of our referral. 🙂

The waiting will be tough of course but I think the hardest part will be knowing that we’re helpless to do anything that might speed up the process. Up and to that point, we will have had control over how quickly most things were being done, based on how quickly we turned in our paperwork. That whole “control” thing is my downfall. Give it to God, Shellie… Give it to God.

So, today we’re working to baby proof the house for the home study inspection that will take place next Sunday. I’m not even certain where to begin. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to baby proof anything. It’s surreal…

That’s the latest and greatest… Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement!


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