Drop the Dishrag!

After my pep talk yesterday, I decided to forgo the housework and spend the day at the pool with the girls and our good friend Heather and her three precious kiddos. Our six kids are such great friends and we had a blast swimming, eating ice cream and shopping for fresh watermelon at the farmer’s market together today.

Unfortunately, we came home to our messy and sorely neglected house. I’d like to say I dove in to my chores wholeheartedly when I walked through the door, but I didn’t. Instead, I took a lengthy, cool shower and have spent the last couple hours reading, polishing my toenails and working on our budget.

If I know me as well as I think I do, I’ll begin panicking ever so slightly on Friday morning and I’ll spend the day “marathon” cleaning. I’ll be exhausted and grumpy by late Friday night, but wake up Saturday and keep going until approximately 15 minutes before Matt is due to arrive at our door. The children will be banished to the deck for lunch (so as not to dirty the kitchen) and poor Brad will be his usual helpful and sweet self, coaching me through my temporary (ha!) insanity. 😉

I’ve been telling myself all week that I should probably change things up a bit and get started now to avoid the aforementioned scenario. But, I won’t. I just….won’t.

All of this makes me think of the story of Mary and Martha from Luke 10. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to the Word intently while Martha busied herself around the house, cooking, serving, cleaning and worrying about a whole bunch of meaningless “stuff”. (Sound like anyone else we know?) It’s not too surprising that Martha got pretty irritated and complained to Jesus and told him to make Mary help out. Can you imagine telling Jesus to do something?! Wow.

Jesus put Martha in her place when he said,  vs. 41, 42 “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Ouch. Although that’s the end of the story according to Luke 10, I can imagine that Martha, with a very red face, dropped her dishrag immediately and joined her sister at Jesus’ feet.

Perhaps I should drop my dishrag….immediately.


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