Parenting 101

The first day of the home study is behind us and we’re looking forward to the final home visit today.

We spent last night purchasing baby gates, outlet plugs and carbon monoxide detectors for today’s home inspection. We locked our medicine cabinet and placed all of our chemicals and cleaners in places where little hands won’t be able to reach. Truth be told, we did all the things we hardly even considered doing when our daughters were little.

Once today is behind us, we’ll schedule our CORE training, which is 16 hours of parenting classes that are required by the state of Colorado for every adoptive parent. We’ll learn how to integrate a child of a different race into our family, how to best deal with some of the challenges that come along with international adoption and, most importantly, how to change a diaper (*wink*wink*). Truthfully, I can count on one hand the times I’ve changed a little boy’s diaper in my life. Surely I’ll learn something new, right? 😉 And, did I mention that these classes are FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS? Yikes…

On the first day of our classes, we’ll meet with Matt, our social worker for a 3rd and final time. After that meeting, Matt will complete our home study report and we’ll send it, along with several other documents and a check for $2,300.00 to our adoption agency for the dossier and translation fees.

Once our dossier is accepted, we’ll be placed on the waiting list for a referral. And, then we’ll wait….

The waiting will be tough, but with school and volleyball season starting in just a few weeks, our busy schedules will keep us occupied.

We hope that you’ll continue to keep us in your prayers. God has blessed us beyond measure in every area of our lives this past year and we know that He’ll continue to do so. It’s comforting to know that He already knows Ty’s story from beginning to end. On the days when I feel that my faith is weak, He sends me encouragement in the form of an email or a phone call from a friend or through the words and actions of my sweet husband.

Life is good…



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