Budget Friendly Recipes

When I initially decided to create a cookbook fundraiser, I thought that twenty five was a nice, conservative number to expect to sell. Happily, I delivered the last three books this morning of my initial order and the next fifty are ready to go. Yep… Fifty.

So, friends, if you haven’t ordered a book yet I really think you should. Each recipe was handpicked from my personal collection or contributed by my wonderfully generous friends and family with special consideration given to your budget. After all, I’m a frugal gal and I’m all about cooking on a budget!

Each copy of “Budget Friendly Recipes” is just $12.50. Buy one for you and stash a couple to give as gifts for the bride or new mom at the next wedding or shower you’re invited to. 100% of the profits will go directly into our adoption fund. That $9,500.00 invoice will be due before we know it! 😉

Send us an email at costainpartyofsix@hotmail.com and let us know how many books you’d like and where they should be delivered and we’ll get them to you in a flash!


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