Seriously, FBI?

I’ve been a rather negligent blogger lately – mostly because we’re at the part of the adoption process when some of the real waiting has begun, but also because we had a really busy week.

The girls and I spent this past weekend in Calhan with the High School volleyball team that I coach. Our team competed against 10 rival schools in our area and performed beautifully. It’s such an honor for me to work with such an awesome group of girls.

We had a brief phone conversation with our social worker today to (re)answer some more questions. I’m positive that he already asked these same questions and that we already answered. Nonetheless, he asked again and we answered…again. Now that his part of the report is complete, we’re just waiting on the federal government for our FBI clearances. So, that should be done in a flash, right? We’re not holding our breath on that one…

With so little to do on our end with adoption “stuff” for the time being, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. I’m looking forward to school starting and the girls seem to be ready too. We’ll spend our last official week of summer at the pool doing a whole bunch of nothing but enjoying each other’s company.

My wonderful friends and family have done a great job referring me out for cleaning jobs and coupon classes. I have a few regular clients whose houses and/or offices I clean a few times a month and every penny will go right into the adoption fund. God is providing and we’re so grateful!

If you’re still keeping us in your prayers (and, we hope you are…), please pray with us that the home study will be completed soon so that we can receive a referral and see our boy’s sweet face for the very first time. 🙂


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