Volleyball season has officially come to a close and I’ve started to ease back in to the “real” world again. It feels great to spend so much time at home, cooking, cleaning and taking care of our family. But, I miss my volleyball “daughters” – all 17 of them…

In the midst of our crazy, busy schedules we somehow managed to submit our dossier early last week and we are officially on the waiting list for a referral. And, although I know for certain that God is going to provide the $13,00 + we’ll need upon acceptance of our referral, I’d be fibbing just a bit if I said I wasn’t feeling a little overwhelmed about the money. Ye of little faith, huh?

I, along with my dad, have been working very hard to get our new business venture up and running. If you haven’t heard yet, our blog, Shalaine’s French Country Furniture Design went live last week and we managed to sell our first piece of furniture. Our intention is to someday (sooner than later, we hope) have a retail storefront but, for now the website will suffice.

In the meantime, our basement (and, truth be told, our garage) will continue to be overrun by ugly, dirty, sad looking Craigslist/Garage Sale/Goodwill furniture just waiting for their turn to be transformed. And, poor Brad will continue to be as patient and tolerant as ever, in the hopes that someday he’ll have the basement and garage all to himself once again….

Stay tuned, friends. God is at work in and around us and it’s going to continue to be an awesome ride… Thanks for your love and prayers!


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