Farewell, 2011

It’s that time of year when we humans tend to spend a whole lot of time reflecting on our most recent year and making a whole lot of “resolutions” that will likely not last long. I’m not big on resolutions, but I’m a total sucker for dwelling on retrospect.

2011 included many unexpected heartaches, but overall was an incredibly blessed year for the Costains:

  • Spiritually, as a family, we’ve grown and grown and grown some more.
  • Brad has become an even stronger spiritual leader here at home, within our church family and professionally.
  • God revealed His plan early in the year to expand our family through adoption, not by one but by TWO children from the Democratic Republic of Congo!
  • He has provided in the most unexpected ways and we are certain that He will continue to do so.
  • God led us, in a matter of hours, to pull our children out of the school they’ve been attending for the past 9 years and opened doors so clearly for them to attend our Alma Mater.
  • We’ve learned and will most likely continue learning to Never Say Never. (Feel free to reference the above blessing. We said we’d NEVER send our kids to the school we went to. We were so wrong… It has been nothing short of mind-boggling-incredible… Wow…)
  • My dad endured a cancer diagnosis, serious surgery and complete recovery. He is cancer free and ornery as ever!
  • We discovered (or, should I say rediscovered) that the people we can count on without fail happen to also be our family. We are blessed to have grown closer to our extended family this year, including rekindling a friendship that I once believed to be broken beyond repair.

All of these blessings are just the tip of the iceberg. I could truly go on and on and on.

My prayers for the new year include:

  • A deeper and closer walk with my Savior.
  • YOU – ALL of you; the friends and strangers new friends who’ve followed this blog since the beginning, those who have prayed for us, purchased cook books, attended coupon classes, bought furniture, hired us to clean your houses and offices and made monetary donations to our adoption fund.
  • Healing – I pray that God heals some relationships in my life, whether by reconciliation or the closure that comes with permanent separation.
  • Continued health, joy and spiritual growth for our daughters.
  • An all-expenses paid trip to…….the Congo to bring our children home forever!

What about you, friends? How has the Lord blessed you in 2011 and what are your prayers for the new year??




One thought on “Farewell, 2011

  1. Walking with Jesus certainly has its ability to make life an adventure. =) excited to see all the new changes in your family’s life. While I can’t say the same regarding my own fathers battle with cancer, I can say that he is doing better than I am right now and for that I’m thankful.
    I’m hoping that 2012 will be as revolutionary as 2011 in my family’s spiritual walk. I’m not sure I understand how that can be but I know the God we serve can completely exceed our expectations. I’m praying for less stress for my wife, expanding the territories in my business, and securing the foundation of God’s love for my kids.
    Thanks for sharing and the ability to share as well. May God grant you the desires of your heart this year as we look to Him for guidance and friendship.

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