No, We Haven’t Fallen Off the Planet…

A friend told me today that she’d begun wondering if I’d fallen off the planet, seeing as I haven’t posted here on the blog in quite some time. I can assure you that the Costains are still hangin’ in there.

But, we have been SUPER busy.

The kids have adjusted well to their new school and Brad and I are really enjoying watching our oldest girls play basketball in the same gym where we used to play. It still feels surreal dropping them off at the place that holds nearly all of my childhood memories.

Brad is still adjusting to spending more time in the office, learning his business from a much different perspective than his previous 12 years with the company. And, I’m still getting used to him coming home with cleaner hands (and clothes!) than usual…

Our biggest news is a little something I like to call The Urban Cottage. I’ve dreamed for a long time of opening a retail store and on February 1st, my big dream came true. My little business that started with a $5 piece of furniture from Craigslist has turned into a 1,200 square foot boutique in beautiful Palmer Lake, Colorado.

Without a great deal of encouragement and support from my dad, an incredible business partner / mother and an incredibly supportive and patient husband, it never would have happened. And, God has truly blessed this endeavor each step of the way. Ultimately, my prayer is that our little store will help bring our babies home AND help many other families bring their babies home too.

One of my friends is selling her awesome handmade vanilla, sugar, lavender sachets and some vintage items to help raise money so that she and her husband can bring their kiddos home from the Congo! It’s just awesome that God is providing for us, for friends and their children and for the children whose faces we haven’t yet seen, but who we know have already been chosen to become ours.

So, while the waiting isn’t getting any easier, we know that God is at work both here in our little corner of the world and in Africa. As soon as we know something and see those precious faces, you’ll know something too. 😉

In the meantime, head over to The Urban Cottage to see some pics of what’s currently available in the store. Love to you all…


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