Taking a Breath

The last month has been one of the busiest of our lives. From starting a new business to driving the mom taxi to failing miserably trying to run a household, we’ve barely had time to take a deep breath.

And, while I love, love, LOVE my “job” and my time at the store, I love my family much more. So, I’m working hard alongside my better half to find a balance between the two. It’s tough…

More and more people ask me how I’m going to manage FIVE kids, a business and and all the other things that our lives include. The answer is simple, really:

I have absolutely NO idea.

What I do know is that God has blessed our marriage, our family and my business beyond measure. It’s overwhelming.

So, on the days when I feel like my plight in life is unfair or that God has forgotten that we’re waiting for our babies, I’m reminded that He is good, He is sovereign, He is for me.



One thought on “Taking a Breath

  1. Love this!! I can’t wait to meet the “new Costains!!” You are working so hard for them, they are already so loved. Love you guys!

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