Is This For REAL?

I can’t stop staring at the picture of our boys. Other than our three daughters, I’m positive that I’ve never laid eyes on more beautiful children. 

The first time I saw their sweet faces, the girls and I were sitting in the car at a random 7-11. Brad was in Denver for business and we were on speaker phone together so that we could all see the picture at the same time. I thought my heart would burst.

At first glance, I saw one little boy with an expression that made me think he was trying to be tough, another who appears to be sweet and shy and another who looks like he can be awfully naughty if given the chance. Instantly, I was smitten.

Since that first look, we’ve learned several facts about the boys that have changed my first impression a great deal. The boys are 3 1/2 years old and will very likely be 4 by the time we’re able to bring them home. They are the youngest of 7 children born to and unwed mother. They’ve never met their father. In January, they were brought to the orphanage; their mother could no longer provide for or take care of them. Her only request was that they not be adopted by different families.

Now, when I look at their faces, I see three scared and confused little boys. Their little hearts must be broken. And, our hearts are broken for them. 

With these new realizations come a whole new set of challenges that we never could have anticipated when we began our journey nearly a year ago. We expected to adopt a baby. One. Little. Baby.

Several months into the process, we began to consider the possibility of adopting siblings. Never in a million years did we expect we’d adopt three siblings. God has an incredible sense of humor and our life is proof.

So, as we face the many challenges ahead, we are thankful that God is sovereign. As we were making our plans, He already knew. The comfort in that fact is an incredible thing….


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