What’s In A Name?

Several people have asked me if we plan to change the boys’ names. We’d always planned to, especially when we thought we’d be matched with younger kiddos.

When we learned that the boys are 3 1/2 and will likely be 4 when they come home, we began to reconsider. The last thing we want to do is make their transition any more difficult and confusing than it might be already.

After a long conversation with our case worker last night, we’ve come to the conclusion that we will, indeed change the boys names. However, we reserve the right to change our minds at any point. 😉

We’ve chosen names that we all love. Coincidentally (yeah…right!), we’ve have three names chosen for much longer than we’ve known about the triplets. Interesting, huh?

I asked Brad if he was ok with sharing their names here on the blog and he said yes. They are as follows:

Ty Gabriel

Cohen Raphael

Jecoah Michel

Their middle names are the names they were given by their biological mother. They are special names that we want them and all of us to always remember….



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