The Next Step…

I continue every, single day to be amazed by the people that God has placed in our lives. People who have stepped up in a joint effort to help us get to Africa, to our little boys. Two of our largest monetary donations have come from two families who just so happen to also be adopting children from Congo. It makes me weep when I think that they’ve taken money from their own adoption funds to help our boys and we’re only just a little way ahead of them in the process.

Some of our self-employed friends have offered to donate photography services and even plumbing work for our upcoming raffle. Still, others have stepped up and given us literal truck loads of “stuff” to sell at our upcoming garage sale. Other, seemingly random people have come out of the woodwork and offered to host fundraising events for us!

It is simply overwhelming. And, yet there is an ugly but honest truth behind all the blessings.

I am a self described and utterly aware, spoiled only child. I am a type A control freak and I’m pretty darn good at manipulating situations in order to get the outcome I hope for. But, this my friends…. This is different. It is almost completely out of my control and, my goodness, it is humbling.

There is absolutely nothing I can do to make cash fall out of the sky. Believe me…I’ve tried. Each day I have to remind myself and accept the fact that my sons will not be coming home on my timeline.

This part of the wait is so hard. I stare into my boys’ faces and imagine what it will be like to wrap my arms around them for the very first time. I imagine how fiercely our daughters will love and protect their brothers. I can’t wait to watch Brad parent his sons. This feeling is truly bittersweet – They are ours, they are waiting, they deserve to be home with their family and it’s the almighty dollar that is preventing that from happening.

It is in my nature to be sad and angry about this, but I’m praying continually that God will change my heart and continue to hold Brad and I up as we set our sights on the finish line. This race is a marathon and, just as I feel like I can’t possibly take one more step, He renews my hope and we press on.

A girlfriend asked me this morning how much money we need to raise. She later sent me a text and apologized for asking such a personal question. While there may be some people who think that it’s inappropriate to ask, I happen to think that it’s a perfectly legitimate question! We are, after all, asking for monetary support. It’s only fair that we share the dirty details, right? So, thanks to you, “anonymous” friend for asking. Here’s the scoop:

Thus far, Brad and I have put about $12,000.00 into adoption expenses. This includes, but is not limited to, home study fees, agency fees, immigration service fees, fingerprinting, background checks, CORE education, Fed-Ex expenses, document fees, agency fees, random deposits, etc.

In order to get to the next step, which is sending in our referral acceptance/adoption agency fees so that the adoption can be made legal in the Congo, we need a whopping EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Yep – no typo there. $18k is the magic number. Thanks to some creative budgeting on our part, some generous donations on the part of our friends and family and God’s immeasurable grace, we’re about 1/3 of the way there.

For your convenience ( 😉 ), we’ve put a little tab at the top of this page called “Donate”. If you’d like to be a part of our sons’ story, please consider making a donation – no amount is too small!

Also, look for a post very soon about our upcoming raffle! You won’t want to miss it!



One thought on “The Next Step…

  1. You are an utterly amazing family- we will continue in prayer that the boys are given a peace within as they wait- you waiting upon the Lord and His timing is going to be just another one of the many abundant blessings He showers upon you all through this- probably for years and years to come- in multitudes of situations, He will use what this waiting period does in all of your lives to magnify His grace, power and glory in endless ways- exponential growth is RAD- albeit deeply painful- down to microscopic levels! We love you guys- blessings!!!

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