Today, I journeyed down to ENT, where Brad and I have both been banking since before either of us could drive. We’ve had quite an emotional week, simply based on some incredible people who have been so very generous that it became quite clear that it was time for a separate adoption account.

I’m an obsessive budgeter (that’s not a word. oh well…), but co-mingling our personal and adoption funds is making my head spin. And, so we now have our very own, official adoption account!

Should you feel inspired, feel free to journey to your nearest ENT location and ask for the COSTAIN ADOPTION FUND! Donations are, by law, 100% anonymous. So, if you prefer not to be identified, your secret will remain a secret forevermore. Ideally (and, mostly for our personal delight), you’ll let me know that you’ve made a donation so that we can properly and privately acknowledge your generosity. Pretty please?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. While we know full well that it is by and through our kind and gracious Savior that we get closer to paying for this adoption every day, we also know that He uses His people to bring it to fruition. So, thank you – for praying, for listening, for being our amazing family, our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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