For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you may have already heard about our incredible weekend. For the rest of you, take a seat and get ready to read about our modern day miracle.

On Friday, May 25th we received word from our case worker at the adoption agency that our fees were due on Tuesday the 29th (Today). Truth be told, the fees were due upon referral (which we received eight weeks ago, by the way!), but since no one expected that we’d be adopting triplets, they offered us a bit of grace. ūüôā

Friday’s phone call wouldn’t have been such a big deal, except that we only had $8,349.00 of the $18,000.00 that is due in the adoption fund at the time. I had more than just a moment of panic and then had to breathe it out and pray that Friday night’s fundraiser was a big success financially.

To say that our prayers were answered would be the year’s biggest understatement. Today, just FOUR days since that phone call, we’ve reached our goal.

We left Marco’s Pizza on Friday night with $1,100.00 in our pocket after the silent auction and after Matt & Lela sang their sweet hearts out and¬†¬†begged kindly asked for donations. We were thrilled! And, even more exciting was the fact that we were absolutely¬†surrounded by our incredible friends and family. So, so many of you came out to support us, to support all EIGHT of us! It was a really lovely night.

Over the weekend, we were able to spend a little time with some good friends of ours who have been so supportive since the day we announced our intention to adopt. As if they hadn’t already done so much for our family, they made a significant contribution to the adoption fund and we were, once again awestruck.

Today, as the deadline loomed, I began to wonder just how much grace the agency would extend as we tried to figure out how we would come up with several thousand dollars. (As if God needed my help. Ha!)

I logged on to the adoption fund account to see where we were at and just about fell out of my chair when I saw our balance. Literally, we were within just a couple hundred dollars of our need!

Incredible. Just….incredible! As I said earlier today via Twitter, “If you don’t believe in modern day miracles, call me and I’ll share my testimony and our adoption story with you.”

And, so we’re on to the next phase of this amazing journey. We’re waiting to hear that we’ve passed court in the Congo and that we can travel to wrap our arms around our sons and bring them home.

Unfortunately, plane tickets to Africa are just a bit expensive. We’re estimating about $2,000.00 per person. If you’re keeping track, that’s TWO round trip tickets and THREE one way tickets. We’re estimating that we’ll need between $12,000.00 – $15,000.00 to complete the adoption of our three handsome guys.

We are SO excited to see how God will provide for the final phase of this part of our story. We love that He uses¬†people to carry out His will. We pray that each of YOU will continue to be those people. What a blessing you are to our family…


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