I Can (Almost) See the Finish Line

I cannot stop staring at our beautiful boy. I knew I’d fall in love with any child that was referred to us, just as I did our daughters from the moment they were born, but this kid?! Wow… He’s just the most precious boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. We’re so happy…

Things are progressing well, but there is still so much to do. We have to re-prepare and send our dossier to be translated so that it can be sent down to DRC. I worked so hard to get our last one together and it’s a bummer that I have to do it all again. It is, however, totally worth it. 😉

Our only other roadblock at the moment is (surprise, surprise) money. 

Naturally, one would assume that, since we went from adopting three children to just one, we have more than enough funds to see us through! Oh, how I wish that were the truth.

We forfeited several thousand dollars when we terminated our contract with our first agency. All in all, we have quite a bit more money to raise in order to complete this adoption. 

Please, friends – pray that God would continue to provide the funds needed to bring Jecoah home. 


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