Who Doesn’t Love A Challenge (or ten)?

This past week has been hard on me. Really hard.

We’re making good progress on the adoption and our new agency continues to be so helpful and amazing. But, I feel like I’m nearing my limit when it comes to being patient. My son turned 16 months old a couple days ago and it hit me hard to know that I wasn’t there when he took his first breath. I didn’t change his first diaper or give him his first bath. He doesn’t know my face. He’s never heard my voice. He doesn’t know that wrapped in my arms will be the place where he’ll always feel safe and loved.

At this moment, there is no tangible evidence that we’re expecting a baby. There’s no crib upstairs, no diapers in a drawer, no baby shampoo in the tub. I haven’t brought myself to start on his nursery yet, for fear that he’ll never really come home. I’m weary…

If I cross your mind tonight, will you pray for me? This selfish, stubborn heart of mine needs and attitude check. I’m being a spoiled brat and I know it… 

Thankfully, I have the most patient husband, awesome parents and super supportive family and friends ever. And, I serve a very merciful God. If I didn’t, I surely would have been struck with a lightning bolt or two over the years…

While you’re praying for us, please join us in praising God for His provisions throughout the adoption. Just in the last week, we’ve received $280.00 in donations from some of our former ECA classmates and another $100.00 from another friend. God is good. ALL the time. 

We pray that He will provide an additional $2,000.00 to get us to the next step so that we can begin to set aside funds for travel and completion of the adoption.

If anyone has any brilliant fundraising ideas or would like to help in the planning of our next (and, hopefully last) fundraiser, feel free to contact me at:




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