The Gift of Friendship

I was honored today to write a guest post over at my dear friend, Kara’s blog, Mundane Faithfulness

I’ve posted a link to her blog several times in the past and if you haven’t taken the time to read her story, you really should. She is a gifted writer and her transparency as she receives cancer treatment is simply breathtaking. She truly shares her heart through each blog post and I did my best to share mine today.

And, if you’re here for an adoption update… Try not to be too disappointed, but I don’t have much to share. We know that our dossier has been translated and is en route to DRC to be submitted to court. A Love Beyond Borders, our adoption agency, is working extra hard on their end to make sure things are being done in a timely manner and they tell us that Jecoah will be home within 4 to 6 months. At this point, we are doing our best to focus on the 6 rather than the 4. We’ve learned the hard way, after all, that it’s always wise to lower our expectations and just pray. 😉

We are in a bit of predicament, as we have absolutely no money in the adoption fund at the moment. God provided the money for translation fees and we’re so grateful. And, now we start from scratch to build our fund to at least $10,000 to purchase plane tickets to and from Africa for Brad and I and a ONE WAY ticket for Jecoah. We pray that tickets will be considerably less expensive than we expected since we won’t be travelling during the holiday season like we first thought. Additional funds are needed for miscellaneous fees to complete the adoption and don’t even ask me to post a picture of Jecoah’s room because we haven’t even started to worry about it yet. If you know me even a little, you know that I’m the queen of the procrastinators. It’ll get done. Just might get done the night before we board a plane to pick up our guy. 



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