Almost There!

I remember the last 4 weeks of each of my pregnancies so vividly. They were absolutely miserable. I was fat and uncomfortable and all I wanted in the whole world was to meet the little person that had been growing inside me for the better part of the previous year.

I’m beginning to notice some similarities between my “real” pregnancies and the craziness that is my “paper” pregnancy. I am weary. I can hardly focus on anything aside from the arrival of our new, little sweetheart. I’m fat fluffy.

But, there is an end in sight. Things with the adoption are progressing and our agency is so, so good about keeping us informed each step of the way. Early this week, we received an email from our agency rep and learned that Jecoah’s birth certificate has been received and the legal adoption process will begin in 30 days. Yay!

We are still hopeful that we will travel just after the first of the year to bring him home.

In order to distract myself from the hardness of the waiting, I’ve filled my time with some good stuff. The girls are busy with soccer and volleyball and I’m still enjoying my assistant coaching position at the high school. I workout with my awesome personal trainer twice every week and (hold on to your shorts; this is BIG) I’ve taken up running. Yep – running.

Running is something I’ve always hated. Seriously hated. I have flashbacks to high school on the nightmare of a day I’d show up to learn that we’d be running a timed mile during P.E. class. The thought would fill me with terror. The thought of not being able to finish or of coming in dead last was horrifying. But, I survived.

Recently, I decided that running is something I’d like to ease into and try my best to enjoy. There’s really no other reason for me to run except to challenge myself to do something so far outside my comfort zone. So far, I’ve had major problems with shin splints, but I’m working through them and I’m excited to reach my goal of running a 5k. I enjoy being outside, people watching, listening to good music and, yes – the challenge. So far, so good.

So, I’ll keep running, I’ll continue to workout, I’ll watch my daughters play sports, I’ll do all the things that I do. And, I’ll continue to yearn for our son.

I’ll continue to covet your prayers for the adoption process to proceed smoothly. We have what feels like a tremendous (and, it is) shortfall of funds for travel and to complete the adoption. Thus far, by combination of personal savings, donations and proceeds from various fundraising efforts, we’ve paid approximately $35,000 in adoption expenses. God has provided abundantly from the very beginning and we trust that He will continue to do so.

If you feel so lead to help us bring our boy home, you can do so via paypal by clicking the donate button at the top of the page or by visiting any ENT location in Colorado Springs to make a deposit into the Costain Adoption Fund. Every dollar brings us closer to our son.

Love you all…


4 thoughts on “Almost There!

  1. Hi, we are also adopting with ALBB and accepted our referral of a 12 month old girl on Oct 6. I was just wondering if your child was in Lubumbashi or MM? Ours is in LB and we are trying to connect with other families whose child might be with ours 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hi Shellie, just a note to say that I’m saying a prayer for you guys right now, that God helps everything to go smoothly. Also, I wanted to suggest a fun blog for you; one of my friends started running about two or three weeks ago, and is blogging about it. It makes me laugh, and I don’t even run. It’s Many blessings!

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