An Update (Sort of…)

I’ve wanted badly to write an update for y’all on the blog recently. Truth be told, there hasn’t been much to say.

In early December, we were notified that our court date had been set for the 10th of the month. Had all gone according to (my) plan, the judge would have issued written approval quickly and we would now be nearing the end of our 30 day waiting period. As is par for the course in matters of international adoption, very little has gone “according to plan” and this step has been no exception.

Part of the legal process requires a child’s birth parent to appear, in person, in front of the judge for a formal interview before written approval will be granted by the Congolese courts. We learned recently that our son’s birth mother was unable to appear before the judge as scheduled, as her employer would not allow her the time off.

Certainly, it is important to Brad and I that we honor this woman and the unfathomable decision she’s had to make concerning her child and we are so grateful that she is employed and don’t want her to have to jeopardize her job. Our agency is working hard to make sure that she’s able to make it to the courts and we pray that it happens this week. At this point, we are a month behind where we thought we’d be by now and it is so, so hard.

Truly, we believed that Jecoah would be home with us in time to celebrate Christmas. When it became clear that he wouldn’t, we set our sights on January and then February and then March. He’ll be 2 years old on March 15th and the thought that our family won’t be together to celebrate him is excruciating.

I often joke that this has been the longest, hardest “pregnancy” I’ll ever experience. It seems that I will have been anticipating my son’s arrival for over two years by the time I finally get to kiss those precious cheeks. Even elephants are only pregnant for 22 months…

I’m so thankful for my patient and encouraging husband. I very well may have lost my mind by now had it not been for his steady love and unwavering optimism.

So, there it is: A no update update. Or, something along those lines.

There is some really great news to share, too – just to balance out the not so good. Last month, we received three really incredible donations and are within about $7,500 or so of meeting our needs to complete the adoption. God is so good and He has used many people, whether friends, family or perfect strangers that have donated, prayed and shared our story. If you ever want to know who your friends are, adopt a child. Wow.

If we cross your minds today, will you pray for us? Specifically, that

  • Jecoah’s birth mother is able to make it to court for her interview this week and that the Lord would comfort her and give her peace.
  • That the remaining steps of the process will go quickly and smoothly so that Jecoah is HOME in time to celebrate his birthday with Brad and I and his sisters!
  • That our final big fundraiser (February 1st – SAVE THE DATE!!) would be successful.

And, finally dear friends – please, please pray for my dear friend, Kara. Tomorrow, she will go in for a double mastectomy. My beautiful friend has been so wonderfully encouraging and honest with me since the day we met. She is a source of incredible joy and friendship to everyone who knows her. Read more about her story HERE.

Kara asked to day that we pray specifically for:

First, I’m praying I have an uneventful surgery and I wake up strong.
Second, for my heart as I see the new me after waking.
That every bit of cancer will be taken out in surgery.
That my body will never again know cancer.
That the surgeon will know exactly how many lymph nodes to get.
That I will not have to have radiation.

For the kids, to not be frightened, but to trust Jesus in a new way through this.
For Jason as he leads the family and has a lot to manage.
That everyone who enters this house would experience the love of Jesus.
Pray for good rest and gentleness for the caretakers coming in the weeks to come.

Thank you, friends. I hope to have an update for you later this week. Until then…


2 thoughts on “An Update (Sort of…)

  1. Love you and praying for you all….I know your mothers heart is just breaking and longing to hold your precious son. I have my calendar marked for February!

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