Praising Him Through the Storm

The last month or so has been nothing short of an absolute whirlwind. Not long after my last blog entry in January we received some bad news. Here’s the condensed version:

Brad received a call from our caseworker, which was highly unusual because 99.9% of all adoption related business has taken place between me and our caseworker. I was home tending to laundry and preparing dinner when I received a text from Brad that said he was going to stop by on his way back from a job. Seeing as my guy never rarely “stops by” during business hours, my mind began to race. In the 5 minutes between the time I read his text and he walked through the door, I’d gone from convincing myself that someone had died to thinking that maybe he was bringing home a puppy. Completely irrational? Umm…just a little.

My precious husband sat me down and, as gently as possible, told me that Jecoah’s biological uncle was protesting the adoption. I held my head in my hands and allowed myself roughly four and a half minutes for a good cry. Truth be told, my guy may have shed a few tears too.

As we prayed together that afternoon, the most incredibly overwhelming peace settled over me and I felt more at ease and more comforted than I had since the day we stepped on board this crazy roller coaster. I called my folks and a couple of my closest friends and asked them to pray. That Sunday, Brad and I stood in front of our church family and told them the news. Still, we felt peace.

The following day we received an email from our caseworker and learned that Jecoah’s birth mother, with the Uncle’s blessing went to our lawyer’s office to sign relinquishment papers. Just nine days later, we learned that our case received written judgment from the Congolese courts. Jecoah is our son.

As if that weren’t enough emotional whiplash to endure in a three week period, we found out that the mortgage loan we’d been pursuing had been approved. Here we are, just about a week since approval and we’ve already signed a contract to purchase a new 45 year old house. I’m so excited I could burst! After being forced into a short sale a few years back on the property we owned at the time, we didn’t think we’d be homeowners for some time to come. Brad began doing some research and discovered that we could qualify for our county’s bond program, which will allow us to buy a home with a beautifully low interest rate and NO. MONEY. DOWN.

Since we’re still scraping and saving and scraping and accepting donations to complete the adoption, we really, really didn’t think we could buy a house. We are so fortunate and so, so blessed by God’s provisions.

Oh – and, somewhere in the middle of all of the madness, I moved my booth in Willowstone to one at least twice as big as the one we’ve been in for the past 9 months or so. Bigger means more inventory, more maintenance, more work, more dinero. Kind of scary, really… 😉

So, friends – the whirlwind continues. We hope to close on our new home within the next five weeks or so, get settled and wait for the call telling us that we can hop a plane to Africa and BRING OUR BABY BOY HOME!!

If I haven’t said it lately, thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who has prayed for us, donated, shopped at The Urban Cottage, encouraged, called, texted… We don’t deserve any of it but, my goodness are we grateful.



3 thoughts on “Praising Him Through the Storm

  1. God is good! Can’t wait to meet that little boy and to hear how he turns your lives upside down and inside out! He is going to run the roost!! You are going to LOVE having a little boy in the house!! So excited for you all!!

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