Almost There! Or Not…

Years ago, when I was in my 20’s, I had the opportunity to witness the births of some of my friends’ babies. I remember two in particular, where these poor women’s labors were much shorter than the time it took them to actually push their kiddos out into the world. Each recalled later how excruciating it was to hear for hours on end phrases like, “Oooooo – you’re almost there!” and, “One. More. Push.”
As we near what might actually be the end of our adoption, I understand more and more how my girlfriends felt during those last several hours before they met their babies. Well meaning people, from our caseworker to our friends and family tell us time and again, “You’re SO close. Hang in there!”
I want to believe them, but I’m so weary.
I’ve been in labor for TWO years.
I’ve been pushing for weeks.
The adoption process is so lonely, even for people like us who have just the most wonderful support system. Our family is so excited to meet Jecoah, but they must be weary too. My friends have been amazing, but surely they’re running out of encouraging things to say and they’ve got to be close to strangling me each time they see my whiny Facebook status.
I’ve been fortunate to be able to connect with lots of other adoptive mamas who have been where I am now and even more who are exactly where I am right now. We all seem to be holding our breath, waiting to see who will go first. No matter who it is, we’ll all be cheering them on and praising God. Any child who makes it home is a miracle.
Until it’s our turn, will you hang in there a little longer with me? I need all of you so much – your prayers, your support, your love and encouragement and your patience. Don’t give up on me just yet. I have such a tendency to hole up in my house and hide. It’s not good and I’m working hard not to fall into old habits. Will you pray?
While you’re at it, will you pray specifically that God would show us what He’d have us do for the remaining funds we need to travel? We’re currently $8,000.00 under budget.
Thanks, friends. I love every one of you..


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