I awoke this morning to a whispered “Happy Birthday”, the sweetest kiss and the hairy nuzzle of my guy. He’s going for a bit of a Duck Dynasty look as we head into winter and I stinkin’ love it…

Brad left for work and I rolled over to find beautiful flowers and the sweetest card. I sat up in my bed and did a little math and discovered that today, we will celebrate my birthday together for the 19th time. I can hardly believe how quickly the years have passed.

I got up and put my contacts on and peered into the mirror and I’m almost certain that I got a new wrinkle or two, roughly 2 lbs. and about 20 new gray hairs for my 36th birthday. Awesome.

I walked into Sydney’s room to wake her up and, before her pretty eyes even opened, she said “Happy Birthday, Mama.” I love that girl. Ginna and Avery each came in with cards and hugs and more “Happy Birthdays”. They love me well.

My phone beeped with an email notification and I opened it to find THIS post from my favorite Kara. Read it – especially the part that’s not about me. 🙂 She received a message from one of her blog readers yesterday that encouraged and blessed her so much. I’m so thankful.

I dropped the girls off at school, Kara hopped in my car (that’s a lie – there was no hopping.) and we headed up to our favorite La Baguette to have breakfast with my parents. I loved it and it would only have been better if the entire restaurant had been filled with the many other people who I love the most. Where were you guys, anyway? Next time, yes?

Cheers, friends. Here’s to a 37th year filled with Jesus and you, the ones who love me best, even when I’m not easy to love. Here’s to many, many, many more birthday breakfasts with my BFF and never another birthday without my son.





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