A Watched Pot Never Boils

It’s true, except that I’m not waiting for a pot of water to boil. Instead, I’m waiting for an email or for the phone to ring. I’m waiting for someone to tell me that J’s visa has been issued, picked up and that Brad and I can book flights and make hotel reservations.

I’m caught between the peaceful calm that comes with the knowledge that nothing I do will alter the timing of this correspondence and the near hysteria that comes with knowing that we might be on a plane to our boy next week.

Under “normal” circumstances (and, by “normal”, I mean what would be happening had the DGM not imploded recently), we would for sure begin making travel arrangements this week. But, as is the nature of International Adoption, there truly is nothing routine or predictable. So, here we are again, still in a bit of a limbo phase, not knowing what or when the next step will happen.

In the meantime, my amazing community has rallied to organize a fundraiser for our family. Asking for donations, relying on the provisions from God through His people has been one of the must humbling experiences of my life.

When we started the adoption process nearly three years ago, we hadn’t saved even one cent for adoption expenses. A friend had recommended the agency that she and her husband used when they adopted their son and I was eager to ask a million questions. That first phone call left me feeling defeated. The caseworker I spoke to very plainly stated that we would be “foolish” to start the process without “at least $10,000.00 saved up for our adoption”.

I’m so thankful for the wise counsel that we received from our Pastor at the time and from our family and friends, who all told us that money would be the least of our worries. All in all, we have spent nearly $50,000 to date on J’s adoption. Every cent was a result of my cleaning houses, painting furniture, my small business and Brad’s income, but the majority of the funds came from donations.

We are overwhelmingly grateful for every one of you who has prayed, given of your time and resources to help us bring this precious boy home. Thank you.

At this moment, we are within $5,000 of reaching the amount we’ll need to pay for flights for Brad and I to and from DRC, Jecoah’s flight to the U.S., accommodations and meals in country and all of the miscellaneous fees we need to complete the adoption. I can hardly believe that we’re so close.

I love the awesome fundraiser that my sweet friend, Connie organized with the help of many of my other wonderful girlfriends and my mom.

Here are the details:

Gettin’ the Costains to the Congo!


HOW IT WORKS: Delicious Homemade Dinners that serve 4 to 6 people prepared with LOVE! You pre-order the dinners and we will have them ready to pick up on the designated day or conveniently delivered to your door. They will be packaged and ready to be put in the oven and served up fresh and hot or put in the freezer to served up hot and served up hot during the holiday rush.
We are planning two Dinner and Delivery dates in November the dates are Friday the15th and Friday the 22nd. The meal for Friday the 15th is Baked Ziti with rolls.
The meal for the 22nd will be Chicken Tetrazinni with rolls.

Orders can be placed via the Facebook page (if we’re Facebook friends) or you may send your orders via email to costainpartyofsix@hotmail.com

If you’ll be picking your meal(s) up at ECA, please specify which campus.

If you’d like to have your meal(s) delivered, please include your address and zip code.


If you are not in Colorado Springs but would still like to support the Costain’s adoption with a monetary donation, you can do so via Pay Pal by clicking HERE or via mail at the following address:

4161 Anitra Cir.

Colorado Springs, CO  80918


Thank you, friends. Our boy is almost home!




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