Your Will Done YOUR Way…

I’ve never considered myself an anxious person until we started the adoption process. Nothing can prepare a person, a mother especially, to see her child’s face for the first time on a computer screen knowing full well that it will be months, possibly years until she can physically touch that face.

With each step in the process comes a little more anxiety. I’d assumed all this time that the home stretch, the weeks leading up to actually boarding a plane to Africa, would be the least anxious. Why? It seems silly I guess. And, my goodness, I was so wrong.

Waiting for a phone call is the worst, especially when there’s the potential in said phone call to either overjoy a person or to devastate them. I may jump out of my skin at any given moment.

I’m doing my very best to rest in the sovereignty of God today and I’m thankful for the friends in my life who remind me that every bit of news, good or bad is for our good and His glory.

I remember listening to a song that Kara played on the night that I stayed with her in the hospital. I fell in love with it right away, downloaded it onto my iPod and I listen to it every day over and over again. My favorite line says, “Your will done your way”. I say this to Jesus often and pray that He’ll help me to really mean it.

May I be broken bread, may I be poured out wine
May I incarnate, Your kindness Lord

Spend my life Jesus, anyway You please
Whether on great things, or what seems small

Your will done your way
Your will done your way
Your will done your way

I will not fight You
Take me past the line that my heart draws
I will not fight You
Take me beyond the laziness of my thoughts
I will not fight
Lead me further than I’ve gone before
I will not fight You
I’m abandoned to Your call

Do not let there be, any part of me
That’s untouchable, unreachable

Let my delight be, living out Your dreams
Washing dirty feet, and kissing yours

God let Your dreams come true, dream through us
God let Your dreams come true through us


Be blessed today, friends.

“Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

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