Home is wherever my family is. And so, for the foreseeable future my home will be both in Colorado and here in Kinshasa.

After much prayer, discussion, thought, heartache and tears, Brad and I have made the decision to return home together on Christmas Day. While we’ve begged the Lord to see Jecoah home as well, it is likely that Brad and I will return home without our son.

My plan is to spend the rest of Christmas break enjoying my daughters, our family and friends and gearing up to return to Kinshasa alone in mid to late January to be with J again.

While the thought of returning him to the orphanage is nearly enough to send me into full blown panic mode, Brad and I take comfort in knowing that he is loved there and that he will be returning to familiar friends and caretakers. 

Our heart’s desire is that we will receive J’s exit papers and be allowed to leave with him and we believe that, if The Lord wills it, so it will be. We’ve found a great deal of comfort since we made the decision to come home by resting peacefully in God’s sovereignty. Even this mess that we’ve found ourselves in was providentially ordained by the One who so longs to know us in our suffering. I can’t claim that I’ve found joy in the pain of an even longer wait to bring Jecoah home, but I’ve experienced grace upon grace during our time with him and I’m so grateful.

Continue to pray for what seems impossible, friends. Our God is BIG.


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