Back to Africa

After a great deal of consideration and prayer, Brad and I have decided that I will return to DRC in early February to wait out the suspension with Jecoah.
We pray that my trip will be a quick one, but we are doing our best to prepare ourselves, our girls and our extended family for the possibility of my being gone for quite some time. While we know that we made the right decision in returning home on Christmas Eve, we also know now that The Lord is sending me back to be with our son while Brad stays home and cares for our daughters.
As you might expect, our adoption fund all but imploded as a result of our discovering that Jecoah’s exit letter would not be signed and our subsequent longer stay in Africa.
Once again, our incredibly supportive friends are working on a couple of really creative fundraisers that we pray will allow J and I to cover our living expenses in Kinshasa. The first one will be taking place very soon and I would love for YOU to be a part of it!
On January 25th, my friends Connie and Wendy will be facilitating an online auction that will include many handmade items made by some of the most talented artisans in Colorado Springs and beyond, as well as a photo session from Jen Lints Photography, a hand-painted, vintage Drexel Heritage china cabinet and much, much more. If you or someone you know would like to contribute a piece of artwork or a service to our auction, please contact me via Facebook (Shellie Barnhart Costain) or via email at If you’d rather shop than create, please contact me and I’ll add you to our auction page on Facebook!
Thank you, friends for continuing on this journey with us. We feel so fortunate to have been loved so well through this season of our life.



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