Befriend Faithfulness

Two weeks from today, God willing, I’ll be somewhere between here and Washington D.C., on my way back to be with Jecoah. I ache for the moment my precious boy will be back in my arms…for good this time. I’m resolved to wait out the suspension with him and, while our heart’s deepest desire is that I will only be gone a short time, the reality is that I could be gone for a long while. I’m nervous and sad and maybe even a little scared to leave Brad and the girls here at home, but we feel that it is our very best option at this point to disrupt their norm as little as possible. Separation isn’t all bad; our five weeks apart over the holidays certainly made us appreciate one another more than ever. It’s good to be missed and it’s also good to have someone (or, lots of someones) to miss.

The next two weeks will be filled with lots of busy work preparing for my trip and tying up loose ends from the auction. It was beautifully successful and Brad and I were absolutely overwhelmed by the donated goods and services, many by people who we’ve never met but who heard our story and wanted to help. The funds raised are enough to cover nearly two weeks of food, lodging and transportation for J and I in DRC. Praise God!

I’m incredibly excited to share with you our next fundraiser, an idea born as a result of a great deal of prayer by my dear Kara and executed so beautifully by my friend Becky (who happens to be a gifted photographer. Please take the time to visit her website HERE to see some of her lovely work.) and her equally gifted husband, Mark.

I’m so, so proud of this, friends. It’s a lovely poster, consisting of my very favorite colors: grey, white and teal.


Psalm 37 ministered to Brad and I continually during our five weeks in Africa. Mark chose the perfect selection of verses to include in his design for a poster to offer to you all, that you can print, frame and hang in your home. We would love it if you would pray for us, for Jecoah, for all the Congolese children who have moms and dads and siblings who so desperately want them to come home. We pray that this Psalm will minister to you as it has us.

Here’s how the fundraiser will work:

In exchange for a donation of any amount we will send you an email with an attached pdf file and instructions to print either an 8×10 or a 16×20 size print of the Psalm 37 poster. (Your poster will not have the word “sample” emblazoned across it. 😉 ) You need only click the button below to make your donation.

Thank you, dear friends. Thank you for sticking with us, for loving us so very well.

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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