Dear Ginna

Not long after your dad and I were married we discovered that you would be joining our family. For as long as I could remember I’d wanted to be a mom and, oh my soul, did I long for a little girl.
My pregnancy was easy, uneventful throughout; it was what felt like the longest nine months of my life. I wanted badly to know if you’d be a boy or a girl but at each ultrasound appointment you were uncooperative. We’d have to wait until your arrival to discover your gender.
Early in the morning of May 4th, 2000 your dad and I made our way to the hospital so that my labor could be induced. I’d gained 65 lbs. over the course of my pregnancy. I was uncomfortable, large, and so ready to meet you.
My Dr. broke my water just before 9:00 am and within minutes, my labor was in full swing. By 10:00 am I was sure that I was dying; I’d spent the last hour screaming, very literally screaming like a crazy person. Just as the anesthesiologist was administering my epidural I discovered that you were ready to make your entrance.
At 10:11 you took your first breath, the Dr. announced that you were a girl and I saw your precious face for the first time.
Sweet Ginna Rose, I can hardly believe that 14 years have passed since that day. One of my greatest joys in this life is the privilege of being your mama, watching you grow from a precious baby to an adorable toddler, a little girl and now to the smart and hilarious, witty and beautiful young lady you are today.
I thank The Lord everyday that you know Him and I pray constantly that He would continue to draw you near to Him, that you would look for and recognize the graces, big and small, that surround you. I pray that high school will be a time of positive and fruitful spiritual growth and that God will surround you with friends and teachers who love Him and, in turn, love you well.
And, finally, I pray that you are celebrated BIG this weekend by your dad, your sisters and the rest of our family. Have fun, eat cake, laugh and love.
Your Mama loves you always.



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