A Million Times…Thank You.

Friends, thank you so much for praying for me as I prepared to share my story with the MOPS group at Village 7. I’d spent the three weeks I was given to prepare writing, writing, writing nearly my entire life story. It was as emotionally draining as anything I’ve ever done and so, so humbling. In the end, I scrapped the fifty or so pages of material I’d written and, instead, wrote out a short outline so that I could speak freely, without reading, and refer to it only to keep myself on track. Turns out I can talk, talk, talk for 45 minutes pretty easily. Who knew? Turns out, also, that I use my hands quite a lot when I speak. I had no idea until my new friend, Nancy shared these with me:

Shell MOPS 1 Shell MOPS 3

It was an honor to be able to stand in front of a group of young mamas and share with them. An absolute privilege. I’ve received some really encouraging and kind feedback from that day and am happy to have been offered the possibility of more opportunities to share my story. It’s humbling and I’m grateful.

I’m also grateful for all of you who’d followed the blog during the time when I was living in Congo with Jecoah and have written to welcome us home, to tell us how you prayed and prayed for us. We just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. Thank you for continuing to help us pay down our adoption debt. We left Congo owing the owner of the guesthouse where we lived over $12,000. He was kind to allow us to wire money to him as we’re able until he is paid in full. Credit card companies aren’t as generous with their payment options and plane tickets to and from Africa are stinking expensive.

We currently have two fundraisers going on and would love to offer you the opportunity to participate. Here’s the first:

Sheet sets, ANY size, ANY color for $35 per set (+ $5 shipping per set if you are not in the Colorado Springs area.) I’d ordered a set of these sheets from another friend’s fundraiser and we love them! They are brushed microfiber and wash beautifully. I’ve gotten feedback from several people who are thrilled with the quality. Thirty five bucks is a great price for high quality sheets!

To order, simply send an email to: costainpartyofsix@hotmail.com with your email address, physical address if you’re not in Colorado Springs, and quantities/colors/sizes of sheets you’d like.

The order will be placed on October 31st and you will receive your sheets by mid-November.


Our second fundraiser is one that I’m so, so excited about because our family loves superheroes and these capes make great Christmas presents!


Super Hero Capes! $20 each, flat rate shipping $5 (Colorado Springs friends, you will need to add the shipping fee to your order as these capes will be shipped directly to you.), no matter how many you buy. Fits children up to age 10
These are double lined satin capes, with a velcro closure.

Shipping takes 1-2 weeks.

The superheros and colors we have available are listed below:

1 = Superman (Red on top & Blue underneath)
2= Superman (Blue on top & red underneath)
3 = Batman (black on top & yellow underneath)
4 = Robin (red on top & green underneath)
5 = Flash (red on top & yellow underneath)
6 = Captain America (blue on top & red underneath)
7 = Spiderman (red on top & black underneath)
8 = Green Lantern (Green on top & Silver underneath)
9 = Batgirl (black on top & fuschia underneath)
10 = Wonder Woman (red on top & blue underneath)
11 = Spidergirl (Purple on top & pink underneath)
12 = Supergirl (pink on top & silver underneath)
13 = Iron Man (Red on top & Yellow underneath)
14 = Thor (Red on top & Black underneath)
15 = Hulk (Green on top & Purple underneath)

To order, simply¬†send an email to: costainpartyofsix@hotmail.com with your email address, physical address and the quantities and styles you’d like to order.

You will receive an invoice after your order is received. Payment is due upon receipt.

Already, we’ve raised enough in the few, short months since we’ve been home to pay off some of our plane tickets. So awesome.

For some reason, the idea of families fundraising to pay adoption expenses is offensive to the sensibility of some people who read my blog and the blogs of many other adoptive families. I’ve tried to make sense of why that is, but I don’t understand it. What really baffles me, though, is why these folks feel the need to send me hate mail about our fundraising, about our adoption in general. My point here is that I’ve gotten quite a lot of venomous emails from people who really don’t like my family. I’ve heard it all. So, if you still insist on sending those nasty letters, please use my shellcos@hotmail.com address – that’s the one I never check.

To all of you other lovely folks, who’ve sent beautiful, prayerful, insightful letters of loving support… Thank you. So much. Your love overshadowed the hate by a long shot.


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