Dear Ginna,

You’re 16 years old today and, like all moms who have gone before me, I can hardly believe it. I used to roll my eyes and snicker a bit when moms said things like that. Umm, you didn’t realize that your kid was going to get older every year? Mmmmk. But, here I am and here you are, no longer the toothless, awkward 11 year old that I somehow imagined you’d always be but, instead, the loveliest of the lovely young women I’ve ever known.

I take little responsibility for the person you are and are continuing to become. Certainly, I see glimpses of me in you but you and I are so different; you are so much of who I hope to become, too.

I love you, Ginna Rose, because you are my beloved daughter and you are so very easy to love – every little piece of you, from your quirkiness, your quick wit, your sarcasm and wicked funny sense of humor. You’re beautiful and you don’t even know it and I so love that about you.

Two short years from now we’ll be planning your graduation and looking forward to your last summer before whatever comes next – college? A job? Marriage? The basement with Kevin? Whatever it is, I look forward to watching it all unfold. I pray that you’ll always seek God’s will for your life, that you’ll learn to praise Him in the good and also in the not so much.

Carry on, my funny girl. Your Mama loves you…happy birthday g dawg



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